Safe Menstruation

We believe that, every girl child should be aware of her menstruation rights. She should have access to safe and clean equipments too.

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Welcome To Our Cause

We aim to provide anti-bacterial, locally made pads to those girls who can not afford it or are unaware of it.

Share Love not Hatred

In many communities, menstruation is taken as a taboo and the females are dehumanized. They aren't aware of their rights. We aim to reduce this through our initiative.

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Know about Us

We are a group of youths from different nations united for learning and sharing to the world what we learn about a cause. There are follwing people in the group right now.

    Mariatu G. Kanu - Sierra Leone
    Brian Miguero - Kenya
    Neeta Timsina - Nepal

Our cause is fair, simple and humanitarian. We also are looking forward to brand our sustainable product and adapt to the technologies in the coming days to raise awareness.

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